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We are Authorized by DigitalGlobe to resel all their data and products in Nigeria and some West African Countries and are also Authorized to  promote all their Products and Services. With the recent merger of DigitalGLobe and GeoEye,the total number of DigitalGlobe’s satellites have increased to 5. WorldView-3 will be launched summer 2014. The Satellites and their resolutions are: 50cm WorldView-1 (Panchromatic), 8-band 50cm WorldView-2 (Multispectral), 50cm GeoEye (Multispectral), 60cm QuickBird (Multispectral) and the 1m Multispectral IKONOS. We also distribute their 50cm resolution Stereo imageries (used to extract DSM and DTM). Please contact us for more details.
Besides DigitalGLobe, we are also the Authorized Distributor for Isreal’s ImageSat, Korea’s SATREC Initiatvie, Japan’s RESTEC and the World’s leading Image Processing software, PCI Geomatica. No matter, your Remotely Sensed data need, we guarantee you that with us, your spatial problems are solved!
Please feel free to contact us for any of your imagery needs. We look forward to solving your spatial problems with you.