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Aerial-View Solutions is one of Nigeria's fast growing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) firms. With Headquarters initially located in the quiet and serene city of Ibadan in the South Western area of Nigeria, the firm has steadily grown over the years and continues to expand. We have had to relocate to the Federal Capital in January 2013. Operating with utmost integrity and professionalism, the firm has consistently maintained its prime position over the years and will do so for decades to come. In addition to being Nigeria and some West African Countries’  Distributor of DigitalGlobe , ImageSat, ALOS Products, SATREC Initiative and PCI Geomatica, Aerial-View Solutions also provides Image processing services such as Ortho-rectification, Tonal balancing, Mosaicing , Image  compression and DEM generation from stereo pairs, feature extraction ,Pan- sharpening, Custom Re-projections, Tiling, Image Optimization, and File Format Conversion.  The firm has been performing tremendously and will continue to do so for decades to come. We always seek to satisfy all our clients beyond their expectations and experiences. We look forward to serving you also!
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AERIAL-VIEW SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL ... solving earth-based problems at down-to-earth prices. Member of WaleBhadmus Group
About us